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We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

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A 30+ hr mixed level Dance of Oneness® journey through the 4-Elements designed for physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Energize yourself and activate lasting joy, ALIVENESS and peace. Ground, center, open your heart and align with your purpose for being alive.

30 Days of Dance
with Banafsheh


 33 Video Sessions

We’re all in new territory and my hope is that these sessions will help raise your vibration and build your capacity to be strong, resilient, flexible, loving and compassionate as well as energized, fit and creative, becoming a light unto your own as you begin the New Year, a new chapter.

– Banafsheh

Inside 30 Days of Dance

Seize the moment every day and get yourself up and moving, deepen your breath, elevate your state, boost your immune system, align your heart and mind with your purpose for being alive, and spread exuberance and love!

Activate the power of dance to ground yourself in PEACE and become PASSIONATELY ALIVE and LOVING – ready to usher in the NEW. The time is NOW to surrender to the unknown and dance to liberate your body and experience the living fiery passion in your heart, your creative center in a fusion of rigorous and healing dance with mystical poetry set to irresistible grooves from around the world.

30 Days of Dance is a journey of discipline and dedictation to embodiment and creativity through a combination of free-style dance and the sacred arts curriculum of Dance of Oneness®: a fusion of Flamenco, Persian Dance, Middle Eastern Tribal Dances, Tai Chi, Sufi teachings, Sacred Feminine Wisdom and moving with deep awareness of the pathways of energy in the body.

Dance invites us to take up space in the world with confidence, conviction and service. It is exhilarating, joyous, sacred, sexual, transformative, communal, and disruptive. Dance makes us whole and brings us into rhythm with the greater. Though resilient, adaptable, and flexible, dance also breaks the rules. In dance, polarities unite and birth art. It helps us transform crippling fears and become present. Dance is universal. Dance is freedom. 

 Join this 4-Module Dance Course from your home sanctuary. If you love to move, the sessions will delight and empower you and give you accessible embodiment tools to ground and center yourself in these chaotic times, and become more conscious, joyful and energized. Trained dancers, psychotherapists, yoga instructors and other movement practitioners will discover opportunities to deepen their personal and professional skills.

Each Module is an initiation into one of the Four Elements through dance, meditation, wisdom teachings and mystical poetry.

Course Audience: This Course is suitable for ALL who love to move, all genders and age groups, providing an immediately accessible embodiment toolkit to ground and center yourself and become more conscious, joyful and energized. Additionally, this Course offers trained dancers, psychotherapists, yoga instructors, creative arts therapists and other movement practitioners the opportunity to deepen their professional skills.

Certification: This Course is a foundational Dance of Oneness® Course and fulfills 30 hours of the 200-hr Dance of Oneness® Certification Program.


MODULE I: Earth Initiation (7 Sessions)
Explorations in Middle Eastern Tribal Dances

In this Module, you will learn to ground yourself, establish presence in your body and focus on form and technique – how to execute both dance and daily life movements so as to prevent injury and experience economy of movement. You will learn a fun, joyful and envigorating Middle Eastern Tribal Dance sequence as well as a deeply nourishing and revitalizing stretching sequence. The Sessions in this Module will help you clear yourself of busy forgetfulness and fragmentation, so you can come to see and feel and know the blazing truth that all is love and dedicate your dance as a devotional prayer to Gaia, our precious Earth.


MODULE II: Water Initiation (7 Sessions)
Explorations in Tai Chi and Persian Dance

Enter the element of water in this Module as the inner space, the realm of the psyche and the unconscious, feelings and intuition. Learn fluidity through movements inspired by Tai Chi, the Dance of Oneness Waves and emanating from your center. Embody the oceanic Goddess Aphrodite through the  liquid, sensual grace of Persian Dance and discover the fountain of the water of life within. Learn to calm your nervous system, activate intuition, balance being and doing and how to access peace amidst turbulence.


MODULE III: Air Initiation (7 Sessions)
Explorations in Persian Dance

Discover air as the element that connects you to the present moment through your breath. What is your breath but the presence of the unlimited, the presence of Spirit in you? Focus in this Module on dancing with awareness of your life-giving breath, the divinity within you, and discover that what you seek is truly inside. Learn to blend the celestial and the sensual through the ethereal beauty of Persian Dance and experience your body as more energy than matter.


Module IV: Fire Initiation (9 Sessions)
Explorations in Flamenco

This final Module takes you into the fire element as passion, transformation, creativity, destruction and resurrection. Learn the basics of Flamenco as the alchemical dance of fire, a way of transforming shadow content into art, transmuting lead into gold, and accessing your sizzling, sassy sovereignty! Integrate your learning of this 30 Days of Dance through a celebration of coming home to your body and discovering your capacity to dance the pain and the joy, the sorrow and the deliverance, both.

3 Bonus Sessions

Course includes a Bonus Welcome Session, Q&A, and a Closing Celebration. 

Benefits of this Course

Expand your breathing capacity, improving your overall well-being

Heal your body and mitigate aches and pains

Awaken and enliven your inherent joy regardless of the circumstance

Elevate your state of being and confidence

Cultivate a true sense of belonging in your body

Calm your mind, reduce stress and increase a deep sense of peace

Embody sacred sensuality and lusciousness

Cultivate empowerment through discipline

Build resilience and adaptability through your nervous system

Boost your immune response

Cultivate a conscious coherence between your heart, mind and body

Increase your fitness level and feel energized all day long

How this Video Course Works

This Course consists of 33 video sessions

You will have life-long access to the course content 

You will be invited to join our private Facebook Dance of Oneness community with students from around the globe.

Live Video Recording Disclaimer: This course is a ZOOM recording of a live course with Banafsheh and students from around the globe; therefore the video quality is not at the highest level due to ZOOM limitations. Please note there may be references made by Banafsheh to current events at the time of the recording, marking relevant historic moments.

Please find FAQ and Read Health Disclaimer here

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  • 4 Modules including 30 hours of instruction 
  • 3 Bonus Sessions
  • You will have life-long access to course material 

About Banafsheh

Banafsheh Sayyad is a master Persian sacred dancer, choreographer and founder of Dance of Oneness®. She is a deeply profound and highly accessible spiritual teacher of embodiment. Banafsheh performs and teaches internationally, initiating people into the wisdom of their bodies. She inspires all to live in these modern times grounded in love for the Earth and centered around our abiding true nature. Her signature style of holy wildness infused with ancient wisdom ignites transformation and illumination in all those who dance with her from around the globe. Banafsheh invites the dancer within to remember, reclaim and resource the innate healing intelligence streaming through us and spiraling all around us. Her easeful instruction and welcoming spirit empowers students from all stages of life to feel a true sense of belonging in their bodies and passion in their lives, by integrating wisdom teachings proven throughout the ages.

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