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We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

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A 12-hr intermediate level Dance of Oneness® journey into Sufi and Divine Feminine teachings with a focus on the sacred dance of Sama (whirling) and the Saqi (Muse) in Persian dance. Empower your inner core and dance to spread compassion.
Womb of Compassion
with Banafsheh

13 hours of downloadable sessions
Permanent access to audio + video content

Birth the NEW into being as you attune your passion with what the world needs, serving the greater to your fullest potential in resonance with the Earth.
Listen…listen with your heart and allow this listening to lead you into a turning dance that opens your heart and connects you to the unified field of love where you can be nourished with blessings from the infinite, and become a channel to nourish our impoverished, traumatized world. 

What People Are Saying About This Course

Inside Womb of Compassion

This Course is dedicated to birthing and activating the power of kindness and wisdom. You will emerge from the dance renewed and initiated into our unlimited Self, forever transformed with a deep sense of embodied belonging, compassion and well-being. In this time of chaos and reckoning when so many of us are suffering from the ravages of abusive and ignorant human ideology and conduct, join us as a steward of a new order of love based in true humanity, compassion and respect for all life, all forms, all shapes, all genders, all colors, in reverence to our Great Mother Earth.

Womb of Compassion is a transformational journey of self-realization through embodiment and creativity with 13 hours of self-paced sacred arts curriculum from the Dance of Oneness®: a fusion of Flamenco, Persian Dance, Middle Eastern Tribal Dances, Sama (whirling), Tai Chi, Sufi teachings, Sacred Feminine Wisdom and moving with deep awareness of the pathways of energy in the body, including the Chakras and Meridians. As a spiritual path, you will learn to dance your life with deep reverence and conscious awareness of how the energetic pathways in your body spiral out into patterns you experience in your life.
Learn how to dance with grace to dissolve resistances, fears and patterns of long term blockages. Cultivate a deep sense of security and sovereignty, as you release tensions and limiting beliefs, opening up to ease and comfort in your own skin. Reconnect with your sacred femininity and reclaim your body as a luscious temple of love and beauty.

In Womb of Compassion, we dance our dedication. What do you long to birth as an offering to the world right now? What steps can you take to deeply dedicate your thoughts, words and actions to dance a magnificent, profound, genius offering to life?

In this accessible retreat, Banafsheh initiates you into the Sama, the holy ritual of whirling, as a complete spiritual path and so much more. She eloquently draws parallels between present day discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience from the West and wisdom teachings from the East, including the mystical poetry of Rumi, Rabia, Hafez, Kabir, and others.
We are part of this incredible creation in which everything is interdependent on everything else and everything has a spin. The spin function goes from the universal size all the way down to protons and subatomic particles. The latest physics shows us that the spin is how everything comes to exist.
Life forms become coherent through the spin.
Think of how profound it is to spin consciously and create coherence between your heart, mind and body by dancing your way into a unified state of being.

The poetry we love from Rumi flowered through him as he whirled in perfect rhyme and meter in the Persian language. This is a testament to the power of this sacred dance that connects you directly with the source of consciousness and constant stream of intuition.

In this Course, Banafsheh also guides you into embodying Saaghi, the sensual muse and cup-bearer who is a central figure in Persian poetry, painting and dance. Learn a short original choreography that takes you into a blissful surrendering into the arms of love.
Each Module of this Retreat builds upon the sacred foundational principles of Dance of Oneness® based in the age-old adage: As Above so Below. The Universe is Inside You.

  • Enter into an embodied Love Relationship with the whole of life and the source of your existence
  • Initiate into a True Sense of Compassion,  Deep Belonging and sense of Security
  • Learn to Uncover fear patterns, Shift your Neurobiology and Reprogram limiting beliefs
  • Awaken Head-Heart-Body Union
  • Stimulate Gamma Brain Waves known as unifying waves
  • Activate the power your Intuition and Inner Guidance
  • Cultivate Calm, Strength and Joy by simply being in your skin
  • Reactivate the deep-seated wisdom and luscious grace of your Sacred Feminine self
  • Come Home to your body and Heal the places in you that feel lost and fragmented

Course Audience: This course is suitable for all gender orientations and for all those who love to move, as an immediately accessible embodiment tool in becoming conscious and whole. In addition, this course offers trained dancers, psychotherapists, yoga instructors, creative arts therapists and other movement practitioners the opportunity to deepen their professional skills.

Certification: This course is a foundational Dance of Oneness® Course and fulfills 13 hours of the 200-hr Dance of Oneness® Certification Program.


MODULE I: Ground of Being

I We begin Womb of Compassion by grounding ourselves in being and clearing ourselves of the chaos and confusion of forgetfulness and fragmentation. We give thanks for being alive in this very special time, where both individually and collectively we have the opportunity to release the old and push the reset button of our nervous system. This Module awakens a deep-seated knowing in you that your body is a miraculous temple and the abode of your soul. You will learn about the Sufi Path as a Gnostic Path of Love and the Darvish as a driver of light. After a careful preparation, you will be initiated into the Sama, the sacred dance of whirling that evolves through 4 stages called Salaams or Greetings based on Rumi’s teachings. The Sama is a spiritual journey from awakening to love as the governing intelligence of the universe, to witnessing this loving intelligence in all of nature and people, to then die into love, and be reborn as the living embodiment of love in the world. In this Module, we will explore the 1st Salaam with very simple steps and sanctify ourselves and our home sanctuary.


MODULE II: Center in Compassion

In this empowering Module, you will learn to access a point of light in your womb, your dantian that can grow into a sun. By focusing on this spark of light, and gradually loosening the armor most of us wear around our abdomen, you will begin to reclaim your true power which is compassion and kindness. Moving in circles and sphere, you start to develop the radiance of your inner sun. The degree of radiance and subsequent amplitude of this sun rests upon how you feel about yourself. The more you regard yourself and your body with love, kindness, and respect, the warmer, more radiant, and ample will the sun emanate in your whole body, in your life, and out into the world through you. In this Module, you will learn some of the principles of Persian Dance as the expression of the sacred feminine. The 2nd Salaam of the Sama guides you in recognizing that all sentient beings and all of life is sacred.


MODULE III: Magnify the Heart Field

With the rootedness, embodied presence and power we cultivated in the first 2 Modules, you can easily tune into the electromagnetic field of your heart and magnify your heart energy. The 3rd Salaam, and moving in waves and infinity patterns bring us into our heart resonance. Through the moving meditation of whirling as well as seated mediation, you will learn to awaken your mind/heart/body union and create coherence. As we loosen some of the constriction and armor we have built around our hearts, we begin to reclaim our heart as an organ of perception. In this Module, you will learn to embody Saaghi, the Muse, the cup-bearer who serves the wine of grace and her act of serving the wine puts her in an intoxicated state. In perpetual ecstasy, this sacred feminine figure graces Persian poetry, painting and dance. Through dancing the holy ritual of Sama on one hand, and the sensual grace of Saaghi, on the other, you will begin to blend the sacred and the sensual and give birth to wisdom and compassion from the depths of your being.


Module IV: Shine Your Love

In this final Module of the Retreat, we are born anew. We have danced to renew our love for being alive, and now we are inspired to give back to life in return for all that life has given to us in our own unique way. We create the life we truly want when we love ourselves and love life. The 4th Salaam invites us to create our life from the spark of our womb and compass of our compassion. We will explore the ways the practical wisdom you cultivated in this Retreat can be applied to your everyday life so you can navigate these challenging times with grace, balance, strength and exuberance, capable of holding the suffering and the deliverance, the pain and the joy both. Grounding and centering yourself in peace, you can anchor in your heart, open your mind and tune into your inner guidance.

Benefits of this Course

Reduce stress and increase a deep sense of inner peace

Expand your breathing capacity, improving your overall well-being

Cultivate a conscious coherence through your heart, mind and body
Activate the power your intuition and inner guidance
Initiate into the spiritual path of Sama – a deep contemplative practice
Boost your immune response and calm your nervous system
Heal your body while mitigating aches and pains
Increase your fitness level and feel energized all day long
Learn a short sensual Persian Dance choreography
Cultivate a true sense of belonging in your body
Elevate your state of being and connect to life’s purpose and passion
Build resilience and adaptability through your nervous system

How this Video Course Works

This course consists of 4 Modules totaling 13 hours of video sessions.

You can follow the Modules at your own pace but it is recommended to do one Module per week over 4 weeks.

You will own the course content forever and can access it at any time you wish.

You can download the referenced poetry, quotes and the music list.

Join our private Facebook Dance of Oneness community with students from around the globe.

Live Video Recording Disclaimer: This course is a ZOOM recording of a live course with Banafsheh and students from around the globe; therefore the video quality is not at the highest level due to ZOOM limitations. Please note there may be references made by Banafsheh to current events at the time of the recording, marking  relevant historic moments.

Please find FAQ and Read Health Disclaimer here

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About Banafsheh

Banafsheh Sayyad is a master Persian sacred dancer, choreographer and founder of Dance of Oneness®. She is a deeply profound and highly accessible spiritual teacher of embodiment. Banafsheh performs and teaches internationally, initiating people into the wisdom of their bodies. She inspires all to live in these modern times grounded in love for the Earth and centered around our abiding true nature. Her signature style of holy wildness infused with ancient wisdom ignites transformation and illumination in all those who dance with her from around the globe. Banafsheh invites the dancer within to remember, reclaim and resource the innate healing intelligence streaming through us and spiraling all around us. Her easeful instruction and welcoming spirit empowers students from all stages of life to feel a true sense of belonging in their bodies and passion in their lives, by integrating wisdom teachings proven throughout the ages.

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