Dance Your Passion at Hollyhock

My heart is so full from our 5 days of Dance Your Passion at Hollyhock September 22-27. Love and gratitude to all the dancers who came and danced into being a circle of oneness that brought all of us to wholeness in grace. We were as old as 6 and as young as 76…we cried together,…

Post 9/11: The Power of Music

After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the only thing that helped me out of the sadness and grief I was feeling was music….Here is an excerpt from my book, Dance of Oneness in dialogue with Andrew Harvey.

Jesus Christ, Divine Will in Action

Serving the Divine Intelligence As a Goddess loving, pagan, tantric, zoroastrian, taoist sufi I don’t feel intimidated by established Christianity that claims to own Jesus and lovingly announce that he is one of my greatest heroes and inspirations.

Dancing the Divine

Sacred Dance of Onenesss by Banafsheh Sayyad

Sacred Dance as a return to the root of our Self Have you ever considered dance as a practice that can support your living at your highest potential and a tool for coming to know yourself, remembering who you truly are? Dance today is experienced anywhere from fun, sexy and a way to keep fit…

In The Fire Of Grace

Clip from the DVD of: In the Fire of Grace This clip is from the dance, Lover Embodied Choreography and Dance: Banafsheh Music: Babak Sharifimajd and Pejman Hadadi from their album Release Recitation: Andrew Harvey Poem: Rumi Working on this piece was both challenging and rewarding. I subjected myself to the essence of what I was trying to portray.…