Video Courses

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It’s time to dance!
Journey into embodied spirituality through dance to free your body and experience the Unlimited in the comfort of your own home.

Module VII. Crown Chakra and The Shekinah

In this 8-hr Course, experience the interconnectedness of all that is in your body through Sama, Veil dance and Spiral movement. Activate your Crown Chakra with inspiration from the Shekinah. Explore the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine.

MODULE VIII: Soul Chakra and Sophia

In this 8-hr Course, ground your soul in your body, and step into your unlimited self with the inspiration of Sophia, the soul of the world. Explore transfiguration, the union of light and matter through Sama, Veil dance and Spirals.

Madonna Rising

A 14-hr mixed level initiation into the transformative teachings of the Black Madonna, the Assumption of Mary as the marriage of spirit and matter, and Chartres Cathedral through lecture, dance and music featuring Anne Baring, Andrew Harvey and other faculty.