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We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

Writers, poets and workshop participants generously share responses to Dance of Oneness®

Un-caged goddess with your hands raised towards the sky,
You dance like a brolga,
Floating white as time, spinning on a whisper of divine unspoken radiance,
a thousand brilliant horses gallop like ghosts out from your heart,
hair black as lightning wild about your billowed skirt,
You whirl and swing and whirl and whirl
your axis rooted to the earth
You are the soles of Rumi’s sandals,
and yet I see you, yes, I see you,
wafting up to heaven with the lightness of an angel dove.

David Francis

Dedication to the effortless fall,
the one that springs from gentle friendship with gravity.
Persistence in relentless listening,
the whisper touch of breath on inner skin.
Fierce loyalty to unspecific kinships,
strangers met with courageous smiles.
Passion shared in murmurs,
vitality crackling in the bones of each generous hand.
Opening to ground,
this vital dance takes place in stillness,
harvest of fertile planting.

Heather Finton, Writer, Poet

Full spirit
Full channeling
Full presence
Beauty and power
Sister of the Dance
Dance of oneness
Proper posture…I am always watching you
Who are you?
What are you channeling?
Who are you???
What voices do you listen to?
What are you about?
Be like a shoot of bamboo
Allow the divine to fill you
We are 99% empty space
Align your Chakras, Align and allow the divine presence to move through you
Be a sister of dance, Be a brother to the dance
Whirl, gyrate, Shake
Our bodies need at least one good dusting each day
Be one with others dancing in a circle
Feel the oneness
Feel the power
Feel the beauty
Be the grace
Be the divine king and queen that you are
Dance with passion
Dance with unbridled energy
Grounded in who you are
Feel the relationship with the earth
With the moon
With the planets whirling
Show others this dance of oneness
Be a brother, be a sister of oneness
Be true to you

Tom, Writer, Poet

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