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We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

Quieting our sound in order to receive guidance from the Spirit

Back from my trip to Kaua’i, I find it more urgent than ever that we stand up to what is needed for us to be better stewards of the planet. It is more than obvious that as a whole, humanity is not contributing constructively, neither to the homeostasis of the Earth nor to the universe.

We don’t create music. To create music we need to become quiet enough to hear the sounds around us, natural sounds, the music of the Earth…of the universe.

But we are always busy making noise, so much so that we aren’t able to listen or even hear anymore. It is only through listening that we can come in tune with the greater orchestra and be one of the instruments who participates in harmony.

With our noise, we are disruptive to ourselves, to the Earth and all her creatures, and to the universe. We need to bring this disruptiveness that has become our norm and our habit to a close. We all need to take action to decrease our noise levels including all the machinery we use and our own speaking. We ourselves need quiet in order to listen for guidance and receive guidance from Spirit. This is the meaning of Sama (whirling). Noise keeps us from turning in to receive guidance so we can have access to our souls and become whole. Think of all the other creatures and all of nature and how they feel with all the noise we are constantly making?

I was staying in a very beautiful location in Kauai but close to a golf course. Every morning at 6am there were lawn mowers mowing the course for 1.5 hrs followed by leaf blowers for another hour. One day when it rained, a machine turned up that blew the grass dry. This is OUTRAGEOUS and COMPLETELY unacceptable. Think of all the golf courses around the world that are  based on this total abuse of the environment and the creatures and people trying to live around them? And for what?! This is just one minuscule example of our totally unconscious ignorant self-serving life style that in essence is threatening the very continuation of our species.


…to be continued…

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Author: Banafsheh

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